'Jefferies Land' film about Richard Jefferies and his Coate home was made by the Richard Jefferies Society in 2001. The film is 23 minutes long and can be viewed here.

'Richard Jefferies: Nature Writer and Mystic'. An illustrated lecture given by Andrew Rossabi (President of the Richard Jefferies Society) to the School of Philosophy in August 2023. Andrew gives a brief but informative glimpse into the life and writings of Richard Jefferies and highlights why the writer deserves to be better known today.  The Lecture is nearly an hour long and can be viewed here.

'The Man on the Hill' is a two-part tribute to Richard Jefferies broadcast in 1987. Readings by Paul Scofield.   Watch Part One.    Watch Part Two

A Tribute to Richard Jefferies was made by the Film Production Unit of Swindon Public Library Film Society in 1948. It runs for about 15 minutes, there is no sound-track and shows shots of Coate and the surrounding area that illustrate Jefferies' works set around his birthplace and home. 

Film shot at the Richard Jefferies Museum on 25 May 2010.

Richard Jefferies Coate  The Richard Jefferies Society was approached by 'Points West' to help make a film about the Coate area in the late summer of 2006. Amanda Parr was fronting a series about West Country authors. John Price guided her around Coate Water, talked about Bevis, and then the Richard Jefferies Museum. 

The Old House at Coate  Dr Mike Pringle, the Director of the Richard Jefferies Museum Trust was invited to give an illustrated talk about the work of the Trust and a tour of the Museum and grounds on 7 May 2022.