The Richard Jefferies Society has published many titles under the imprint Petton Books most of which can be purchased at  this website  (many special offers are available). The offers apply to UK postage only. Overseas buyers should contact the Society for orders and shipping charges.

Contact the Society for more information about any book by or about Richard Jefferies -- second-hand copies of many titles are also available.

A Peculiarly English Genius  - volume I of a new biography of Richard Jefferies by Andrew Rossabi is available (Petton Books: 6 November 2017). Volume I (of three volumes) covers the early years (1848-1867) and extends to 800 pages. The book is published in hardback with a green wibalin cover and can be purchased in the UK for £25 (list price £40) here. The book is also available as a pdf file for £10. Contact the Society.

Volume II of the biography was published on 8 July 2020 for £60.  Available for £45 here. 


Richard Jefferies' The Rise of Maximin available as a pdf file.

Kate Tryon's Adventures in the Vale of the White Horse: Jefferies Land. Now available as a pdf file.  


Some pamphlets related to Jefferies' birthplace can be downloaded here:

Coate and Richard Jefferies - by historian, John Chandler
In the Footsteps of Richard Jefferies - a walk around Coate Water
Richard Jefferies' Old Town, Swindon - a walk around Old Town
In the Footsteps of Richard Jefferies - a tour of Wiltshire and Oxfordshire
Walks in Jefferies Land by Kate Tryon


Phyllis (Jefferies) Hargrave letters to Samuel J Looker. These have never been published but can be downloaded here. Phyllis was Richard Jefferies only daughter. Samuel Looker was an authority on the works of Richard Jefferies and helped build up a major archive of information held at the British Library.

The British Library archives include Jefferies' pocket notebooks that start in 1876 and finish 3 months before his death. Only 16 of the original 24 or 25 remain. The others are likely to be in private hands-- whereabouts unknown. Phyllis Treitel undertook the painstaking work of deciphering the hand-writing in the 1990s and copied the text and illustrations by hand. Many entries make no sense at all. The text has now been typed up and can be downloaded as a pdf file (nearly 17MB). Samuel Looker published some of the contents in his The Nature Diaries and Notebooks of Richard Jefferies (1948) but Treitel's version is complete.  Extracts from Notebook IV (?) were included in Walter Besant's The Eulogy of Richard Jefferies (1888). This notebook is among the missing ones and the extract of text has been included.



THE DRIFT OF TIME - Radio play based on the writings of Richard Jefferies. Broadcast on BBC Radio 4, 31 July 1987 (40 minutes long) as part of the centenary tributes that year. Richard Jefferies is played by Robert Stephens.

A Song of Summer  with Paul Scofield (audio recording) reading 'Nature and Eternity' (Hills and the Vale). BBC Radio. First broadcast on BBC Radio 3 on 22 Nov 1976. Compiled by Roger Frith; incidental music by David Cain; producer - Keith Slade. Approx 55 mins.  Six files to download. 

Extracts from The Story of My Heart read by Paul Scofield, compiled by Roger Frith and broadcast on 22 July 1982. On four tracks.  

Four extracts of nature writing by Jefferies: the first from his essay 'Wild Flowers'; the second from the opening passage of The Story of My Heart, the third: 'A Summer Day in Savernake Forest' and the fourth from Amaryllis at the Fair. They are read here by Sir Simon Russell Beale as part of an online initiative by the Marlborough Literary Festival during the lockdown of 2020.