Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Survey of members

Earlier this year we carried out a survey of our members. One of the questions we asked was:

Why did you join the Richard Jefferies Society? For example was it a love of his writings; or of nature; or you live in Wiltshire; or have a connection with Wiltshire?

We received the following answers:

Love of his writings.

A love of nature.

His descriptions of agriculture and the details he noted.

I was the 'leader' of the Save Coate! campaign and protecting Jefferies Land from development was just another reason to fight the development proposals for Coate.

A love of the writings of Richard Jefferies, together with a love of nature: the latter inevitably led me to Jefferies.

To increase my knowledge of my great grandfathers’ writings, his love of nature and to learn more about my Wiltshire ancestors.

Appreciation of and identification with his country writings; and I live in Wiltshire.

As a student at the time, I was seeking like-minded people to meet and for the shared enjoyment of his works.

First became aware of it through a member of the Exec Council.

All of the above.

A love of nature and Richard’s writing.

A love of nature, and a sense that Richard Jefferies expresses a relationship with nature which I experience but find difficult to express in words.

A love of his writing and the countryside.

Born in Swindon. Love all his writing.

A love of his writings.

Live in Swindon learnt about him in School then met Jean at the museum.

Born in Swindon, so was well aware of his writing.

Love of Jefferies’ writings.

Interest in his writing, through reading other authors with links to him.

Harrild family connection.

A love of the countryside and the past regarding rural affairs.

His writings

I live near Tolworth/ Surbiton and walk the walks he used to do.

Love of RJ’s writings.

Interest in his writing and connection to Henry Williamson

A wish to support the RJ museum; support for the bid to buy 'RJ' land to protect it from development; a love of nature; and living in Swindon.

I was recruited as treasurer of the RJS on the resignation of the previous incumbent and served in that capacity for fifteen years. Before 1999 I had never heard of Jefferies - now have a hugely increased interest.

'Discovered' him about 25 years ago when, acting as executor of a late client. I was sorting out her books which had been bequeathed to a relative; these included three Jefferies titles which the relative gave to me as she didn't want them. When I got round to reading them some years later I was interested, discovered the existence of the RJS and decided to join to enhance my knowledge and appreciation.

A combination, I already had a little knowledge of Jeffries, plus a long-standing interest in Downland scenery.

His writings and nature. No connection with Wiltshire.

I like his writing, not sentimental, not patronising.

Initially through Edward Thomas. I read his biography of RJ and then came to explore and love RJ's writings.

Love of his writing. Live near Tolworth.

Family connections with Richard Jefferies Society & Wiltshire.

I have a deep respect for Jefferies writing. I also am fascinated by the story of his life. I also just moved to Wiltshire and would like to investigate the areas that he once roamed.

Connection with HW and latterly discovered that I had temporarily lived close to Coate Water without being aware of him in 1969 - latterly I also discovered that he and I lived in Eltham.

We live near the Richard Jeffries museum and are interested in literature.

Intrigued by Jefferies Nature Mysticism; but also his writings generally.

Via the writings of Henry Williamson Society.

I joined when Frances Gay was there back in the early 1970s. I left for several years, but rejoined a few years ago when I regained my belief that Jefferies is one of the very greatest country writers of all time. Thank you so much for keeping his reputation alive.

Love of nature.

All of those.

An interest in Richard Jefferies writing.

Love of his writing discovered through a love of nature.

The first three…and the wish to see his local links conserved/preserved to include his ‘russet’.

I have a deep love of nature and the countryside, I have a high regard and admiration for Jefferies writing, I have no connection with Wiltshire.

To dig a little deeper into Richard Jefferies as a person and writer, his life and background. Love of his writings.

i. Admired his books ii. My maternal grandmother's family was from the Swindon area (Wootton Bassett) iii. Earlier ancestors might have been related to RJ through marriage.

Because my wife was involved. But I do love Bevis.

Principally a love of nature.

The museum is a mile away from my home, I am curious about RJ. I enjoy his writing.

Hooked after reading The Amateur Poacher and After London.

Been a keen Jefferies reader since school days.

Related, great grandfather.

I've enjoyed his books from my teens.

I am a fan of his work. Originally, I saw a poster about the Society at Barbury Castle.

I like and have worked on Jefferies.

Moved to Swindon from Staffordshire, visited the Museum to find out more. Had not known of Richard Jefferies previously.

Love of his writing and wanting to connect with others who appreciate him.

A love of his writings.

Love of his writings (in particular, The Story Of My Heart), of nature and rural history, and to some extent because of family connections with Wiltshire.