Saturday, August 10, 2019


This collection of nature writing by Richard Jefferies, selected and introduced by Andrew Rossabi, is highly recommended. It is the perfect vehicle for highlighting the beautiful poetic prose of this largely forgotten Victorian author, except by those in the know.

It is a travesty that Jefferies' work is not better known, and we can but hope that this new book, published by Galileo, might bring Jefferies to more public attention and acclaim by a new audience.

Rossabi's selection is not only comprehensive but it transports the reader through a concise biography of Richard Jefferies.

Andrew Rossabi is the President of the Richard Jefferies Society and an authority on the life and work of the writer. He is in the process of writing a detailed biography of Richard Jefferies that will be published in three volumes (A Peculiarly English Genius). Volume I covers the early years and was published two years ago. Volume II is nearing completion and looks at Jefferies' years of struggle.