Monday, April 16, 2012

Gilbert White's Selborne


Richard Jefferies Museum, Marlborough Road, Coate
2pm • 12 May • Free! But please book via or 01793 783040

PETER BAINBRIDGE on Selborne: Gilbert White, Richard Jefferies, and others

Pioneering English naturalist Gilbert White (1720 – 1793) believed in identifying birds by observation rather than by collecting specimens. Following in this tradition of respect for nature, ‘local man’ Richard Jefferies (1848 – 1887) was invited to write the preface to the 1887 edition of White’s Selborne.

Owner of more than fifty editions of Selborne, Peter Bainbridge is a member of the Richard Jefferies Society.
The Museum will be open from 1pm, affording an opportunity for Festival-goers to learn more about Swindon’s best-known writer.