Saturday, August 05, 2017

Tour of Broadwater Cemetery - August 2017

Michael Parrott reported that there were 86 members of the public at the 5 August tour at Broadwater Cemetery, Worthing. The only vandals are the grass-cutting contractors who have taken out a couple of chips of marble from the kerb stone of Jefferies’ grave and also have damaged memorial trees with strimmers. The Friends of Broadwater Cemetery have lodged a complaint and this is being taken seriously by the council. They should too - the Jefferies’ grave is a Grade II listed building. The memorial garden wild flowers are going over now; there are still geraniums and mallows low down in the grass. The memorial mulberry tree leaves are a bit spotty and most of the fruit was battered down by recent heavy rain. The photographs are supplied by Mr Parrott. 

Richard Jefferies' grave tended by Michael Parrott

Jefferies-Hudson Memorial Garden with bench supplied by the Richard Jefferies Society 

Entrance to Broadwater Cemetery