Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Richard Jefferies (1848-1887) was an authority on agriculture and rural life. Best known for his nature writing, he was also an essayist, novelist and mystic. The Richard Jefferies Society (Registered Charity No 1042838) was founded in 1950 to promote appreciation and study of his writing. 

The main event is a spring lecture held in Liddington Village Hall in May along with the Annual General Meeting.  

Richard Jefferies Society publications include an annual Journal, spring and autumn newsletters, and an annual report along with leaflets and books by and about the author.  Andrew Rossabi (the Society's President) is writing the definitive biography of Richard Jefferies -- planned as a three volume set.  Volume I is an in-depth study of Jefferies' early years (published 2017).  Volume II covers the years of struggle from 1867-76 (published 8 July 2020). Volume III will complete the years of maturity 1876-1887 (publication date around 2022). 

Richard Jefferies kept pocket notebooks from 1876 to two months before his death in 1887. There were at least twenty four but only sixteen of them are held in the archives of the British Library. The rest are in unknown private hands or lost and further information about them would be much appreciated. The contents of the known notebooks have been typed up and the document is available as a pdf document