Saturday, May 09, 2015

STUDY DAY - Jefferies' London

SATURDAY 27th June 2015

Richard Jefferies Society Study Day--Jefferies' London
(Open to the public. Admission is free.)

“It is by no means so generally realized how great a part London plays in his [Jefferies] writings,” writes Samuel Looker in his introduction to Richard Jefferies London [London: Lutterworth Press, 1944].

Simon Coleman will discuss Jefferies’ London in the morning and participants will be invited to select and read relevant passages from Jefferies' works.

The managers of St Pancras Parish Church Hall double-booked us for the first hour of our meeting, so the vicar has allowed us to meet in the Church for the first hour. We shall visit the British Library in the afternoon to look at some of the Jefferies’ archives. Registering for day passes on the day may be slow. You need to bring proof of identity (passport, driving licence, bank card, credit card, bearing signature) and proof of address (utility bill less than three months old, Council Tax Bill or TV licence issued for the current year).  The initial registration can be done online at


10.00   Meet at St Pancras Parish Church, Euston Rd, London NW1 2BA opposite Euston Station (see map). Readings from the floor – select a relevant piece of Jefferies’ writing by or about Jefferies (5 minutes long) on the subject of London to read to others.

11.00   Relocate to St Pancras Parish Church Hall (in Lancing Street) for refreshments and a talk on Jefferies’ London by Simon Coleman. Followed by more readings from the floor.

1.00-2.30 Lunch break at the Friends Meeting House on the Euston Road – there is a cafĂ© and restaurant or you can eat your packed lunch in the garden.

2.30 Visit to Manuscripts Room British Library – see above.

4.00     Depart

Please let the Hon. Sec know by 1st June if you are able to attend by emailing