Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Should Richard Jefferies be treated as a footnote?

The Richard Jefferies Society is holding a meeting at the Richard Jefferies Museum on Saturday 10th April addressed by John Payne, the author of The West Country: a Cultural History [1]. John Payne, who lives in Somerset, will explore why Richard Jefferies is treated as a ‘footnote’ compared with other west country writers such as Thomas Hardy, Jane Austen and T E Lawrence and whether this is justified.

Having studied the cultural history of the south-west, Mr Payne believes that Richard Jefferies deserves better recognition particularly by the people of Swindon.

“Jefferies was one of the great English nature writers;” said John, “we should be proud of talent.” [2]

The meeting starts at 2pm and is open to the public. It is free to attend. Parking is free at Coate Water Country Park and just a short walk to the Museum, next to the Sun Inn pub on the Marlborough Road.

[1] The West Country: a Cultural History, John Payne (Oxford: Signal Books, 2009).
[2] In an interview for the Swindon Advertiser (Fri Nov 6, 2009 p. 16) Mr Payne commented on Swindon’s treatment of Richard Jefferies.